Show You Care About Career Development

I often speak with staff members about their views of their executive leaders. When it comes to career support, many leaders get low marks.  Leaders often feel they are too busy to be concerned about the careers of their staff. In addition, they often believe that each person is responsible for their own career.

Yes, each person needs to ensure they are learning and developing their skills and abilities.

Staff often indicate that they would like to feel that their boss cares about them as a person and takes some time to think about possibilities with them.  Managers can support their team by taking some time to explore their staff members’ aspirations and to help them see possibilities inside and outside the organization.  People want to feel like they are valued and that their boss will give them feedback and support their development.

While we often think of career progression as moving to a higher level position, it is useful to think of career development more broadly. When people begin to think of enhancing their awareness, skills, abilities and experiences as career development, there are many more options available.

How can you support the career development of your team members?

Bring a Clear and Positive Intention (And See Positive Results!)

OASIS Conversations (Book)Excerpted from: OASIS Conversations: Leading with and Open Mindset to Maximize Potential

This is the first in a series of tips for more effective communication.

Call to mind your intention for an interaction. It’s powerful to name your intention for a conversation, at least to yourself, the person you’ll converse with, or others. By consciously declaring your intention, you are more likely to move toward this picture. For those more challenging relationships, it is useful to remind yourself frequently. For example, you might say to yourself, “Jeff and I are communicating clearly and building a trusting relationship. We experience an oasis together and create great results together.” In addition to seeing a picture, it is useful to notice how you are likely to feel in your body as your intention is realized. Perhaps you notice yourself relaxing and feeling more playful as you envision your intention being fulfilled. As you shift your body position, you will be more open so Jeff is more likely to experience you as such. Continue reading