How Do You Navigate the Rhythm of Life?

As a part of a study group of experienced executive coaches, we collectively acknowledged the shifts in our focus and interests and the ever-evolving nature of our profession. We reminisced about when the concept of coaching was relatively unknown and was often associated with underperformance. Today, we see a significant shift in this perception, with coaching being widely recognized and even offered as a developmental perk for those at the highest levels. The scope of coaching has expanded to include teams, and managers are now equipping themselves with coaching skills to empower their staff members.

We reflected on how things are constantly changing and transforming, yet many of us seem to look back wistfully and appreciate the way things were, ‘the good old days,’ or wish for something different. We can all learn to enjoy the moment more when present in the current experience and appreciate impermanence. Many parents, for example, have had this experience as their children mature. Each growth phase offers different benefits and challenges, and it’s up to us to embrace them with grace and resilience.

Just as we observe the transformation of our gardens through the seasons, we can learn to appreciate life’s rhythm. Instead of fretting about the future, we can accept that change is a constant. We can find joy in the current moments, even amid challenges, knowing they, too, shall pass. For instance, you could start a gratitude journal to remind yourself of the good things in your life or practice mindfulness to stay present.

It is easier to take the perspective to savor and learn from the present moments when we have experienced life and see how we have grown from challenging situations. I am now grateful that I was not accepted into the grad school of my dreams when I was just graduating. Instead, my path, which included years of being a corporate manager and finding the field of organizational psychology, has been more meaningful for me than I could have hoped with my first career aspiration. I try to remind myself to “trust the process.” Of course, it is simple but not easy.

The metaphor of the garden sustains me. Even when the ground seems fallow, I trust new growth will emerge. We cannot see the growth beneath the soil, and then life seems to appear. I work to reframe disappointments and challenges as learning opportunities, empowering myself to trust that new life is emerging. This Open Stance mindset gives me a sense of curiosity, anticipation, and permission to enjoy the current moment–even when it is not what I envisioned or hoped for.

How have you navigated the rhythm of life in your journey? What strategies have you found effective in embracing change and finding joy in the present? I invite you to share your insights and experiences.

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