Open Stance Community

How do we respond to the current challenges, negativity, and uncertainty in our world today?

Can we reclaim our optimism and hope for the future? What can we do to make a difference?

These very questions are at the heart of where many of us find ourselves as we grapple with new realities and strive to adapt to a rapidly changing world. How do we develop a practice that guides us through the rough and tumultuous terrain that we must navigate? How do we adapt to the uncertainty of change that is relentless in its ability to unsettle our minds and hearts?

“It’s kind of miraculous when you notice, in the moment, that you are in judgment and you choose to let that go and choose to be open. There’s an ease, a freedom, a release. Creativity and peace flow in. It’s very, very powerful what opens up. New ways of seeing things and thinking. Opportunity and possibility. That’s the essence of Ann’s Open Stance work – her book of the same name and the Open Stance study groups and Open Stance Circles. Imagine for a moment, many, many groups of people sharing this awareness, meeting together periodically to listen deeply to one another, share what they are working on and support one another in continually learning to strengthen the ability to shift in the moment to being open. Open to those who think differently than us. Open to learning from those who in one moment appear to irritate or frustrate us. Open to better understanding the opportunity of the moment.”
Jackie Sloane, MCC, Executive Coach

What is an Open Stance?

An Open Stance allows you to choose actions that will expand possibilities and bring you more vitality and joy.

Noticing when we are contracted, in judgment, controlling or closed and, with awareness, shift to being curious, compassionate, courageous and noticing possibilities.

From this Open Stance we are able to attend to the world with greater resilience, embrace the present moment and realize potential.

Rather than react, we choose to stop, step back and cool down.

From this place we can pivot more effectively and recognize common ground and possibilities.

“Through Dr. Ann Van Eron’s extensive work with individuals, companies, world-wide corporations and C-Suite executives over the years, she has imagined ways of being that allow us to reclaim our sense of wellbeing and to impart this sense to others. Her conception of an Open Stance is both a model for resilience and a guide for action in an ever-changing world.”
Kathleen FitzSimons, Ph.D.

The benefit of participating in an Open Stance Circle


Reflect and enhance your commitment to embodying an Open Stance in a supportive community.


Strengthen the muscle of being open by practicing the Open Stance Postures.


Support each other in taking kind action and being open. Experience the power of a group coaching process called CREATE.


Positively influence others and have fun together in a diverse community.

An Invitation
to the
Open Stance Community

The purpose of the Open Stance Community is to provide the opportunity to reflect on and strengthen our commitment to embodying an Open Stance in a supportive group. Ideally, participants will strengthen the Open Stance process of shifting from being closed to open and practice Open Stance Postures and gain support for taking kind action. Since emotions are contagious, ideally, we will inspire each other and  those we interact with to be open. You can participate in the Open Stance Community by participating in an Open Stance Circle and/or modeling being open and sharing the Open Stance message with others.

I am interested in joining an Open Stance Circle and being a part of the Open Stance Community

Where Can You Learn More About Taking an Open Stance?

Read Open Stance: Thriving Amid Differences and Uncertainty! Available where books are sold!

What Can You Do to Learn More and Cultivate an Open Stance?

Open Stance Circle Participants

“Being in this group is a key learning experience that illustrates Open Stance, bringing the content into reality as we practice it. The check-in by each person about our personal challenges, practice and learning sets the stage for a great forward exploration of one person’s real situation and what can best move that forward.”
–Bruce Mabee
“With everything that is unfolding in the world right now – especially the deep divisions in this country – I feel the urge to do something to help. But how? The Open Stance Circle provides a way for me to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Even if my contribution is small, it matters. And when I imagine my contributions combining with other contributions, I am more hopeful that we will be able to bear the pain of what is happening right now – and move toward a more humane future.”
–Alan Niebanck
“Open Stance is like opening a door into a world of new opportunities and possibilities that are inspiring and healing.”
–Kathy Flanagan
“Open Stance Circles are an energizing and effective forum guiding individuals to their courage. Magic happens at each meeting.”
–David Kloak