Our Approach

We believe the best results come from open-minded conversations where people understand different perspectives, find common ground and create agreements together.

We approach engagements with an open-mind and take a systemic perspective recognizing that each leader, team and organization is unique and impacted by its context and the greater environment. We focus on working at all levels of a system—the individual, teams and larger groups to create the greatest impact for the organization and wider environment.

We work with clients to co-create the best solutions. We focus on being practical and offer concrete skills and tools. We are committed to supporting leaders and organizations in releasing the potential of people and creating sustainable success and impact.

We bring decades of experience with a wide range of organizations across the globe. We integrate our training and work in the areas of leadership development, coaching, organization development and cultural transformation to support productive change management.

We believe that it is valuable to understand the current situation in order to create energy and to develop the best strategy for creating change. We listen to understand various perspectives and are direct in sharing what we see. We believe people are whole, healthy and resourceful and we support teams and organizations in being creative and innovative.

We have seen remarkable and fast- paced change by creating an open-minded environment where people talk with each other and build trusting relationships. In such environments teams align around a shared vision and make agreements that bring significant results. Conflicts can be addressed and energy is mobilized for unparalleled results. We support leadership teams in talking with each other and taking actions that benefit staff, clients and the organization. We support cross-functional teams to take an enterprise-wide perspective. We believe effective relationships and open-minded conversations are a key to transformational change. We have supported people in all kinds of organizations and at all levels in successfully engaging in these conversations and forming productive relationships. Change can happen quickly and effectively.

We know that significant change can be messy. We view resistance as a form of feedback and are comfortable in supporting people in understanding each other and together finding common ground and creating agreements and actions. We support people in taking accountability and following through on agreements.

We believe energy can be diverted from misunderstandings and miscommunication. We support leaders, teams and organizations in mobilizing energy for action.

We have a lot of experience in creating inclusive and engaging environments and organizational cultures. We believe that such environments enable people to focus on important actions and results.

We love a challenge and will work with you to create the best solutions for you, your team and organization. We are committed to making a difference. Our goal is to leave leaders, teams and organizations stronger and more capable.

“We don’t know what we don’t know.”