Vision and Values

Our Vision

We foster open-minded conversations for unparalleled relationships, results and wellbeing with leaders, teams and organizations. We support people in developing the mindsets, skills and capabilities to embrace and create possibilities amidst the challenges of our world today.

Potentials is inspired by transformation and making a difference. We are committed to connecting leaders with themselves, others and their creative energy to achieve their potential, enjoy life and make the world better for all.

How We Conduct Business

Integrity: Integrity is a fundamental value held by the Potentials’ team. We operate with honesty, strict confidentiality and always with our clients’ best interest in mind.


Full Commitment to Clients: Potentials is fully committed to achieving the goals of its clients. We are known for delivering more than is expected. We are committed to making a difference in the world and supporting transformation.


A Systemic Approach: Potentials takes a comprehensive perspective, examining issues in the environmental context, organizational goals, values, beliefs, practices, cultures, processes and stakeholder needs.


Customized Practical Solutions: Potentials is committed to designing practical solutions to maximize individual, team, organization and community effectiveness. While we bring proven models and approaches, we work with our clients to develop the best strategies for their unique challenges.


Collaborative Partnerships: Our approach is collaborative. We are flexible and work jointly with clients to develop the most creative and appropriate solutions. We foster thriving, wellbeing and joy.


Respect and Optimization of Diversity: We are committed to fostering respectful relationships. Potentials embraces the advantages of a diverse community. We define diversity as everything that makes us different from each other; therefore, there is always diversity within and among us. The diversity in organizations and stakeholders provides resources and opportunities for possibilities.


Conversation Focus: We believe a fundamental challenge for individuals, teams and organizations is learning how to effectively create results through open conversations. We are committed to imparting our clients with increased communication tools and skills for more effective relationships and more productive work environments. We are committed to creating open environments for co-creating positive and productive solutions. We hold that people are whole, resourceful and creative.


Open Climate for Learning: In our work, we create an open climate of acceptance and learning which allows people to be who they are and to become who they are capable of becoming. We take a coach approach, support a growth mindset and encourage realization of potential. We are avid about learning and share resources, research and insights.


Expertise and Experience: Our work integrates grounding in research and theory with extensive practical experience and memorable tools to enhance effectiveness. Potentials is a diverse group of organizational development consultants, coaches and business leaders with rich expertise in human and organizational behavior, complex change, system awareness, diversity, leadership, psychology and creative problem-solving.