OASIS Conversations/OASIS Moves® Workshop Testimonials

Because of Ann’s support, our leadership team now has clear direction, is aligned and is moving forward. Our company has turned around 180 degrees and has increased market share. We have created an environment in which staff have made agreements and have followed through to implement change.

—President, distribution firm

Potentials is the first consulting organization that actually listened to us. Their ideas were tailored to our real organization needs and not simply pulled out of a textbook.

—Director of Corporate Communications, financial services company

Ann helps me mobilize the internal and external resources I need to get what I want, both professionally and personally. My income is now more than double what it was when I first started working with Ann.

—Account Executive, consumer electronic company

I appreciated the work we did together. I really didn't know what to expect and your quick and creative thinking really helped me crystallize the issues I am looking at as I think through my work options. The entire process enabled me to quantify my strengths, goals, and values which was extremely helpful. It also helped me see what action I needed to take as opposed to just continuing to be frustrated. All in all I have to say it's been the most worthwhile experience I've had in a long time.

—Senior Executive, financial services firm

Ann is by far the best coach and facilitator that I have experienced in 25 years and I have worked with many!

—Executive, Ford Motor Company

Ann Van Eron’s approach to executive coaching helped me focus on myself as a whole person. This focus in turn brought balance into my life. The end result being better results and much more satisfaction in my business and personal life.

—Chief Financial Officer, global manufacturing company

I gained valuable insight into how I may be able to help others grow through coaching… The importance of really listening to what others are saying without my own projection, suspending judgment and being open, being aware of my immediate assumptions are all very important ideas that will remain with me.

—Manager, multinational organization

Ann has provided me with life/work coaching for an extended period of time and through some major career and life challenges and changes. She has a unique capability – she is able to “keep me honest” with myself about what I really want and need. I especially value her ability to gently nudge but also support me in my choices… Besides being a true partner in the coaching process, I believe that because of her extensive experience as a successful consultant and as a business owner, she has a grounded, effective approach that is unique to the profession.

—Consultant and coach, formerly with major consulting firm

I didn’t want to be in the same room with my colleague. Now we are working together productively. Potentials facilitated an amazing process! Millions of dollars have been saved now that we are not duplicating processes. I have benefited personally.

—CIO, Fortune 100 company

I am a better leader today because of the great coaching from Ann.

—CFO, Fortune 100 company

We have gone from a situation where professionals didn't even speak to one another to a situation of collaboration and team effort.

—Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Fortune 500 company

Potentials was with us from the inception of our diversity initiatives, from framing the business case, assessing our employee needs through focus groups and a survey, developing a strategy and initiatives, implementing our plans, assessing impacts, and fine tuning. Our results with employees and customers has been dramatic. We couldn’t have done it without Potentials as our partner.

—Executive Team Member, Fortune 50 financial services organization

The work Potentials did with our board regarding our corporate culture has had a lasting impact and is one of the highlights of my career.

—Senior VP of HR

Ann was able to turn a divisive situation into a productive one for our organization. We tried to figure out how she was different than other consultants. She has heart and helped us to have real and impactful dialogue. We are a different organization a year later.

—SVP global organization

Ann is a masterful facilitator. We got more done together than we ever have.

—Executive Leadership Team member

It was the first time I had a meaningful conversation with my colleagues in over 12 years. With Ann’s support, we are making needed changes in our culture.

—Director, global organization