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Thank you for registering for my exciting audio interview, Keys to Open-Minded Conversations.

This audio interview will reveal:

  • Why open-minded relationships are crucial for corporate and personal success
  • Innovative ways organizations are reducing conflict
  • The two primary ingredients required for open-minded conversations
  • Tools to increase productivity and innovation in companies of any size
  • How to generate agreement in teams and with individuals

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I hope you enjoy this interview and glean many ideas. Open-minded conversations are possible for everyone, even under challenging situations.

In our challenging global marketplace, communication becomes even more vital for profitability and success. The tools you will learn in this interview will help you begin to master simple skills that create extraordinary results. I’ve used these tools successfully in corporations across the globe, as well as taught them at the United Nations.

I’m so pleased that you are interested in increasing your potential, and that of your team, by fostering Open-Minded Conversations. There are many resources available to you on my Resources page. I’m also available for coaching, consulting, and individualized training programs for leaders and teams.

I look forward to connecting with you in the future and helping you create unparalleled results.

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