Do you need an empowering speaker for your next meeting or training event?

Ann Van Eron, Ph.D. and other Potentials associates are available to provide skill-based and experiential sessions and presentations that will inspire participants and support movement toward your leadership and organization vision.

We will learn about your organization, culture and needs and develop a presentation that will speak directly to your audience and inspire understanding and commitment.

Speaking topics include:

Open-Minded Conversations

  • How to have Open-Minded Conversations for Unparalleled Results
  • Creating an OASIS® for Realizing Potential at Work and In Life
  • How to be Emotionally Intelligent
  • How Two-way Dialogue Can Change Everything
  • How to Effectively Give and Receive Feedback
  • What Would be Possible with an Open-Minded Environment?

Leadership and Teambuilding

  • What it Takes to be a Leader Today
  • The Coach Approach to Managing and Leading
  • Creating an Engaged Culture of Respect and Collaboration
  • Now What?: After the Merger/Marriage
  • Four Elements of High-Performing Teams


  • Why Moods Matter and How to Energize Yourself and Your Team
  • How to Turn Stress into Positive Energy for Unparalleled Results
  • Coaching Skills for Success


  • All I’m Askin’, Is for a Little Respect: Defining Respect Person by Person
  • The Problem with Polarization and the Opportunity of Inclusion
  • Why Diversity Initiatives Matter for Success

To book Ann Van Eron or a Potentials associate for your next engagement, call 312-856-1155 or e-mail info@Potentials.com.

“Effective leaders put words to the formless longings and deeply felt needs of others.” —Warren Bennis