Organization Development

Potentials assist in all phases of organizational development by assessing the current situation, assisting in defining a desired vision and implementing steps to achieve demanding goals. We focus on the individual, group and system levels of organizations to build climates and cultures that achieve results (Diversity & Cultural Change).

Potentials is an expert in helping organizations navigate significant organization change such as:

  • New strategic directions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Re-organizations
  • New products, services or systems
  • Enhancing engagement and innovation
  • Responding to engagement survey results
  • Implementing a quality initiative

Potentials works with organizations in the entire process of cultural and organizational transformation, including:

  • Assessing the current climate or culture and its impact on performance
  • Analyzing the current state, including critical external factors such as the competitive environment and stakeholder concerns
  • Facilitating dialogue among relevant constituents
  • Developing and communicating the vision, values, beliefs and behaviors important to the organization
  • Assessing organizational readiness for change
  • Developing and implementing plans to achieve visions and goals
  • Aligning organization systems with strategic direction
  • Developing leaders to manage change
  • Evaluating progress on goals and plans

Potentials assist leaders in their efforts to improve organizational effectiveness and results. We combine years of corporate experience, applied behavioral science knowledge and an understanding of human behavior to our work with multicultural teams and organizations.

Our consultation is based on organization needs and may include a focus on:

  • Organizational Climate
  • Strategic Visioning
  • Organizational Change
  • Process Facilitation

Organizational Development Examples:

International Organization

After a major reorganization that reflected a significant shift in strategy, a rift developed between senior staff and top management. Potentials conducted interviews and focus groups with management and a cross-section of staff throughout the global organization. After identifying themes and issues we:

  • Provided a report with the different perspectives and facilitated dialogue across the various groups
  • Identified recommendations for creating a culture of two-way dialogue and engagement
  • Created alignment at all levels of the organization to create the sense of one team
  • Supported all aspects of the cultural change which included system, behavioral and mindset changes.

After one year, the organization reported significant positive change. With open-minded conversations across the organization significant changes were made that impacted efficiency and results.

Financial Organization:

After a pulse survey showed significant differences between men and women participants, Potentials interviewed staff and colleagues to learn more about the perspectives and:

  • Identified the various issues including the need for managers to provide additional feedback and mentoring
  • Uncovered the areas where specific managers needed to address staff concerns
  • Provided feedback to the managers
  • Developed a plan to change the culture in tandem with leaders
  • Facilitated meetings with the entire staff
  • Supported dialogue and agreement on concrete actions that each would take to create an engaging climate.

Staff reported a more positive environment immediately as changes were made to create more interactive staff meetings and managers committed to provide more feedback and information on career development opportunities. A year later scores on the survey soared and there were not significant differences between responses of men and women.

The leader of the organization was pleased with the initiative and there were more positive perceptions of the division.

Privately Held Company

After a merger of two organizations that had previously been competitors, Potentials worked with the new management team to develop shared understanding and agreements. Since the organization continued to have two lines of similar products that were serving the same client base, we worked with the sales force and all areas of the organization to develop understanding of the organization’s vision and to create a shared organization culture.The leadership team developed a vision, values and desired behaviors that were then communicated and revised with staff input through all levels of the organization. Systems and behaviors were changed to support the desired culture. Open-minded and two-way conversations supported the organization in gaining significant market share.

Manufacturing Company

Potentials worked with this company to address significant external environmental conditions. The leadership team worked to take an enterprise wide perspective and created a shared vision and strategy. We worked with different levels of the organization to create alignment around the vision and to create an engaged culture.Relationships with the union were enhanced and all worked together during an era of consolidation of the industry. The leadership team became aligned and staff became engaged while the organization enhanced productivity.

Non-profit Organization

Potentials supported an assessment of the structure and roles and responsibilities of a non-profit organization. We worked with the leadership to restructure the organization for greater efficiency and to clarify roles. We supported staff in conflict to address issues and to become aligned.With a clear focus and defined roles, the organization enhanced fundraising and staff were more aligned and positive. With clear goals, the organization more directly took action to fulfill it’s worthy mission.

Family-owned Business

Potentials assisted a family owned business to develop a plan to transfer authority and management responsibilities to the next generation. We:

  • Trained in the development of management and leadership skills
  • Coached the owners to be more confident with and supportive of the transition
  • Supported people involved including non-family members in aligning around a shared vision and provided coaching to individuals and the team to address challenges.

The transition was successful by all accounts.

Ann created a total shift in our culture that allowed us to make a 180 degree change in the way we do business and treat our human resources.

—Don Pydo, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Consumer Goods Company

“In times of change, those who are prepared to learn will inherit the land, while those who think they already know will find themselves wonderfully equipped to face a world that no longer exists.” —Eric Hoffer