Leadership Development & Training

Potentials helps clients develop critical leadership skills. We have extensive experience and research on transformational leadership and the design of leadership development initiatives around the world.  We have successfully developed programs for leaders and managers that are skill-based and experiential.

It is essential that leaders effectively communicate a clear direction through words and actions that align support for visions that meet the needs and values of constituents. Leaders are expected to develop strategies for producing the changes necessary to achieve a vision. They also are called upon to continually motivate and inspire stakeholders, to overcome resistance and to pursue desired goals.

Leaders must have strong communication, interpersonal, organizational knowledge and strategy, self-management, and problem-solving skills.

Potentials works with organizations to develop leaders through processes specifically designed for each individual. Options include interactive training programs, assessments, and individual and group coaching.

While each process is designed to meet specific leader and organization needs, components include:

  1. Training and fostering an understanding of the skills needed for leaders in today’s work environment
  2. Identification of skills critical for success in a specific company or organization
  3. Developing emotional intelligence and effective communication and influence skills
  4. Forming an accurate assessment of current strengths and skill needs based on interviews, observation, self-assessment and 360 feedback
  5. Action planning for developing successful management and leadership skills
  6. Follow-up reflection to support awareness, learning, and implementation

Some of our most popular workshop topics include:

  1. Open-Minded Conversations
  2. Mindset Matters: Open Stance Leadership
  3. Cultivating JOYBeing
  4. Effective Communication for a Diverse Workforce
  5. Coaching Skills for Leaders

Leadership Development Examples:

United Nations

We developed the UN Management Skill Training program which is comprised of 4 days of skill-based training and over 10 days of follow-up programs to deepen the learning and reinforce concepts. The goals of the program were:

  1. increasing effective communication skills
  2. ability to give and receive feedback
  3. delegating
  4. creating a motivating environment
  5. planning
  6. decision-making
  7. coaching
  8. managing change
  9. influencing up
  10. influencing colleagues
  11. managing time and meetings
  12. leadership style and presence

Potentials certified facilitators around the world to lead these workshops using a coach approach. Managers of all nations report the program is life-changing, influencing how they lead and influence others. The program has been highly regarded with a continual waiting list of participants to who wish to attend.

Fortune Manufacturing Company

We designed and facilitated a comprehensive three-week leadership program for senior leaders across the globe. As part of the program, participants worked in small cohorts and received individual and group coaching on their leadership presence, ability to influence and communication style. The program incorporated an organization development focus and participants across the globe aligned around a shared vision and worked on action learning projects that brought significant bottom-line results to the organization. After the program, participants who had long-standing conflicts were able to collaborate for the benefit of the organization. Participants learned strategic team development skills and influencing skills. The program also incorporated business acumen skills.

“Leadership and learning are indispensible to each other.” —John F. Kennedy