How are you responding to the uncertainty of this time?

An antidote to the anxiety associated with the uncertainty we are facing is to identify meaningful action. If we each take small acts of kindness, we can collectively make life better.

I believe emotions are messengers. It is easy to feel stressed these days. Of course, we need to adopt ways of self-regulating and calming ourselves. It is good to know how to breathe deeply and how to focus on gratitude and count our blessings. 

Another way to work with the stress is to listen to what may be needed. First, I awake to notice my internal response. I attend to my emotion of worry and simply recognize and be with the emotion. I then name the emotion and acknowledge that I am experiencing worry, disappointment or fear. Then I reflect on what action could be supportive. I may choose to simply appreciate that some part of me is experiencing the emotion. Sometimes, I choose to take action or engage in a conversation. For example, I am taking opportunities to encourage people to take an Open Stance and to check their mindset and take action to inspire and encourage others. These are small acts, yet even small acts of kindness can make a difference.

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