Creating Change, Spreading Joy: The Ripple Effect of Purposeful Action

I attended a panel discussion recently on the challenges facing women and girls globally and strategic opportunities to advance gender equity. Each of the panelists was clearly passionate about their work. For example, the CEO and founder of Rise Up
( practically radiated when she shared how her organization is elevating the lives of women and girls worldwide. I find myself retelling her stories. For example, her organization worked with leaders of organizations in Guatemala to raise the legal age for girls to get married to 18. Without the legislation, girls were marrying at the age of 12 in some locations.

The resonance was palpable–life takes on new meaning when we align our actions with a sense of purpose. When I am clear about the difference I am making, I feel more alive and excited about life. Life feels worthwhile and joyful when we are making life better for others.

Over years of collaborating with leaders, coaches, and change agents, I have noticed that those who embrace a clear purpose and a goal of empowering others stand out as the most impactful. Their clarity fuels their effectiveness, allowing them to guide transformation with unwavering commitment.

Can you imagine if we each identified how we could contribute to making life better for others? The daunting challenges that define our era would be met with purposeful actions weaving a tapestry of fulfillment and joy.

Discovering your avenues of contribution requires introspection. It can take some reflection on what issues you care about, the values that fuel your passion, your skills and abilities, and what is most needed. There is no shortage of areas where we can contribute.

By actively participating in improving lives, you also engender personal growth and experience and spread joy and possibility.

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