An Open Stance Is the Best Offense

It’s counter-intuitive; our instinct is to protect ourselves and to duck for safety when the dust is flying amid a time of uncertainty and polarization. However, doing the opposite and taking an Open Stance can be transformative.

We can recognize our instinct to close down, judge, and control. Rather than assuming negative intent of others, we can choose to be curious and assume positive intent first. Imagine the impact it could have on our relationships and interactions. When a colleague proposes a new idea, don’t immediately dismiss it and question their motives. If you assumed the person was genuinely trying to improve things, you would enhance the atmosphere of trust and collaboration, leading to more positive and productive outcomes.

We can look for what is working rather than what is not working. Rather than focus on the challenges and obstacles you face on a project, focus on building on what is already effective and let yourself be more solution-oriented, seeing the possibilities and opportunities for growth.

We can choose optimism and aliveness over pessimism and despair. Emotions are contagious, and when we select optimism, the positivity creates a ripple effect for those around us.

An Open Stance is the best offense. Yes, it’s counter-intuitive. When learning to swim, we instinctively raise our head above the water to breathe. However, when swimmers learn to lower their heads in the water, they become much more efficient and faster. They learn how to counteract their initial instinct.

We can also learn to shift to being open, and with this lens, we are positioned to see more possibilities and make more optimal decisions. With an Open Stance, we can engage in positive and productive OASIS-like conversations. Our perspective broadens, and we can be more resilient. We can build the neural pathways and habits that enable joy and aliveness.

With an Open Stance, we are resilient, unlock the power of connection, and are richly rewarded. We experience and foster a greater sense of belonging and psychological safety. We benefit from connecting with our colleagues, family, and community. We widen our circle of influence and are positioned to make a difference-which is the essence of leadership and a quality the world needs more of today.

So, embrace the power of an Open Stance and watch how it transforms your connections and world.

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