Do Kind Acts Matter?

A leader shared that he was surprised when the barista told him another customer had paid for his morning cappuccino. This small act enriched his day, and he felt light in his heart and steps the whole day. He admitted that he was kinder to people and greeted more neighbors.

I called a friend I lost touch with to say hello and see how she was doing. I had put off calling, assuming it could be awkward and believing I was too busy. I was glad to reconnect, and I received a text from the person thanking me for reaching out and how it lifted her spirits. Often, small actions make people feel valued.

We can reflect on something nice we can do for someone. It doesn’t need much time, effort, or resources but could make someone’s day. Then, do it without expecting anything in return. True kindness comes from a genuine desire to make someone’s day better. However, kind acts seem to spread positivity.

Observe the impact on your mood. It just may make your day more enjoyable!

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