How is Your Inner Garden of JOY?

The metaphor of an inner garden of JOYBeing–the joy of being alive–has supported me. I check in on my inner garden at various moments throughout the day to connect with the inner aliveness. I envision energy flowing from the ground where seeds of joy are planted and be with the energy of growing plants.

Somedays, my inner garden is rich and abundant with a wide range of wildflowers and fruit, and I bask in the joy of life, and all that is possible. I am grateful to be alive. Other times, I notice the soil is dry with a barren garden.

At these times, I know that I need to reconnect with my purpose, connect with others, take care of myself, and engage in activities I enjoy. Like tending to a garden, I try to incorporate regular practices like walking, being in nature, drawing, and conversing with friends to sustain my inner garden.

I hope that my flourishing inner garden will benefit those I interact with, given that emotions are contagious. I encourage you to visualize and make it a practice of tending and enjoying your inner garden of aliveness.

What kind of an inner garden are you nurturing?

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