Can You Float?

Do you remember learning how to swim? I vividly remember sinking as I entered the pool, touching the bottom with my feet. I was shocked when my head went under, and I frantically emerged to gasp for air. I gradually learned to tread water, which was helpful in the deeper area. I was then asked to float. What?! I had already learned that I would sink. No, thank you.

Finally, I began to feel more confident and mustered the courage to trust the process. With the gentle guidance of a friendly adult, I relaxed on my back and was amazed actually to float. I recall the quiet, muffled sound of the water. It required letting go of what I knew (that I would sink and possibly drown). And it required a moment of letting go of fear and inviting effortlessness. It is hard to stay afloat when contracting and exerting a lot of energy. It was magical to float and simply be. I recall the warm sun on my face and the cool water cradling me. Knowing I could float any time made me feel safer and more adventurous in deeper waters.

Reflecting on the sensation of floating and experiencing ease offers solace and a reminder to breathe through challenges. By visiting that feeling of weightlessness, I reconnect with a state of calm and presence, allowing me to navigate life’s currents with a sense of openness and grace.

I invite you to take a moment to rekindle your experience with floating–more than thinking about floating, take a few breaths and experience the sensation of ease and openness. Notice your shift in perspective.

Like floating on water, finding openness amid life’s uncertainties can lead to profound moments of clarity and resilience.

Recalling the sensation of floating with ease has supported me in times of deep waters amid life’s challenges. Take a few conscious breaths and allow yourself to re-experience floating. In the open, effortless stance, we can be more present and in the flow.

Kindly share your experience of experimenting with floating.

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