Diversity & Cultural Change

We live and work in a multicultural world, comprised of people with divergent backgrounds, assumptions, needs and interests.  This diversity brings great promise of innovation and productivity, but can also present challenges.  We support organizations in creating engaged environments of respect. We provide a process that supports people in being open to different perspectives and creating agreements.

Potentials works with a wide range of organizations to create cultures that are inclusive where people are engaged and motivated to achieve organization goals. We facilitate dialogue and support people in being open-minded.

We have a lot of experience with cultural change and organization transformation. Cultural change requires changes in systems and mindsets.

We have supported organizations with all phases of cultural change.  The process is unique and tailored for each organization.

Our experience is extensive, including assessments, strategic planning, design/implementation of initiatives, serving in advisory roles, training and individual coaching. We are aware of the challenges and efforts companies are undertaking to support all staff in achieving their potential.

We have supported organizations with diversity initiatives for over 20 years.  We support organizations in creating inclusive environments where people feel respected and valued. We provide skills and opportunities to reduce the polarization that takes a lot of energy that could be devoted to working together to achieve challenging goals. We define diversity as multiple perspectives, including everything that makes us different from others.

Potentials approaches diversity initiatives from a systemic perspective. Integrating respect for others in the workplace requires cultural change. Culture describes “how we do things around here” and includes the prevailing patterns of values, beliefs, attitudes and practices.

Organization cultural change requires assessment, planning, commitment and implementation. Changing cultures involves aligning systems to support the desired beliefs and behavior.

Potentials Services Related to Diversity

  1. Expert Advisory Role
  2. Develop and Facilitate Diversity Skills and Awareness Training
  3. Provide Individual and Team Coaching Related to Diversity Challenges
  4. Conduct Diversity Assessments
  5. Facilitate the Development of a Diversity Strategy
  6. Assist in Design and Implementation of Diversity Related Processes

Diversity Initiative Examples:

Financial Services Company

Potentials conducted an assessment by interviewing individuals and conducting focus groups across an organization. We provided a report to the board on how staff experienced the organization with recommendations and a plan to change the culture. We reviewed all the major systems of the organization and worked with a cross functional team to create a plan for cultural change. We worked with groups across the organization to support two way dialogue and agreements on desired behaviors.

This Fortune 50 company implemented a long term process to create a more inclusive and engaged culture. Follow-up surveys showed dramatic improvements in engagement.

Government Agency

An organization was facing a lot of conflict between staff and the perception of bias. Potentials conducted focus groups and interviews and provided a report on the issues. We then brought groups together and facilitated dialogue. We supported staff in being open minded and understanding the different perspectives. There was polarization based on function, location and roles as well as gender and race issues. We worked to change the way people were recruited and how selections were made. We also provided workshops to give people the skills to engage in productive dialogue. We worked with a diversity advisory council and supported the team in addressing issues. Leaders and staff reported that this diversity initiative greatly changed the working environment and created a greater sense of inclusion and commitment to organization goals.

“Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.” —Ola Joseph