Open-minded Conversations/OASIS Moves

OASIS (tm) MovesToday’s Business Climate Requires Open Minded and Respectful Communications

Once you attain this critical skill you will be more successful in all facets of your life. In these turbulent and fast-paced times, we are all being called to provide leadership to make a difference both formally and informally in our spheres of influence.

Effective conversations are essential for all aspects of leadership and life.   Too much stress and energy is expended on misunderstandings, miscommunication and mistrust because of misunderstanding, judgment, and lack of agreement.

To be successful we need to know how to relate to others who are different (everyone) and create results together.

OASIS Moves is a signature training program that teaches skills and tools for effective conversations and being open-minded.


OASIS Moves provides a practical and memorable process that supports leaders, managers and professionals in being open to different perspectives and to create positive and productive environments for unparalleled results. OASIS ® has been tested all over the world with much success.

OASIS Moves teaches how to be emotionally intelligent and have collaborative conversations to create solutions that support personal and organizational goals.

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Organizations which support people in having open-minded collaborative conversations have an advantage, creating more engagement and respect and generating more creative solutions and innovation. That’s the benefit of OASIS Moves.

The OASIS Moves process has been successfully tested all over the world with the leadership and staff of organizations such as

  1. The United Nations
  2. New York-Presbyterian Hospital
  3. Cleveland Clinic
  4. GE Capital
  5. World Bank
  6. New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  7. Fortune 500 companies
  8. Privately held companies
  9. Wall Street firms
  10. Government agencies
  11. Mid-size and small companies and
  12. Non-profit organizations.

 Benefits of the OASIS Moves process:

  1. A simple process that can be used in all conversations including giving and receiving feedback, asking questions, planning, managing conflict and agreeing on solutions.
  2. It provides the mindset and skill-set for suspending judgment and working with resistance.
  3. A process that is memorable and can be learned and reinforced with the cues provided.
  4. A process that emphasizes verbal and non-verbal behavior and creating a positive environment.
  5. A process that has been tested with positive results all over the world and is supported by brain research.
  6. A shared language that can be posted in conference rooms and available for many conversations. It can also be used when others are not aware of the process.
  7. A mindset that enables people to approach any interaction from an empowered position, no matter how threatening the same type of interaction may have seemed in the past.
  8. It is accessible, user-friendly and practical.  People report using it in daily interactions ten years after taking a workshop.

What Clients Say About OASIS Moves

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Outcomes of Open-Minded Conversations and Using OASIS Moves

Open-minded conversations produce results, improve relationships, save money, enhance innovations, create efficiencies, spur rapid problem resolution, improve employee and customer engagement and help organizations and teams to share a common language and process for identifying common ground and creating agreements.

OASIS Moves stands for a powerful, five-step, easy to grasp process for communicating productively and respectfully.

The OASIS Moves process supports people in noticing their internal responses to others, manage those responses, become more open and create options and solutions.  This approach to communication instills hope and confidence because it emphasizes what we do naturally and effortlessly in our positive, effective interactions.

OASIS Moves supports users not only in understanding emotional intelligence but provides the tools for being more emotionally intelligent. Neuroscience and brain research supports the components of the OASIS Moves process.

OASIS Moves Training Examples:

United Nations

We developed the United Nation’s Management Skills Training Program in 1997. OASIS Moves is a core component of the practical and experiential program and is still used today. Participants report the power of suspending judgment and shifting to an open stance. Offering empathy is a powerful skill and participants report finding common ground and leaving interactions with concrete agreements. Participants report substantial success from using the process in follow-up programs. Independent studies on the ROI value of the program have been consistently outstanding over the years.

The program has been offered all over the world and continues to be rated as one of the most impactful programs. In fact, OASISMoves has been incorporated in a wide range of the UN’s programs for staff at all levels. Staff also indicated that they find the OASIS Moves process valuable in their personal lives too.

Wall Street firm

Engagement scores were low in the organization. Colleagues were in conflict and a lot of energy was being spent on disagreements and infighting at all levels of the organization.The top leadership team was the first to learn the OASIS Moves Process. Within a short while, this team was operating as one team, perhaps for the first time. Next, a workshop was presented for other managers which focused on the organization’s vision and gave people the skills of having open-minded conversations to create a more inclusive and engaging climate and culture. The executives were so impacted by the process that they participated in the workshops and listened to suggestions staff had to create an engaged and successful culture.

The OASIS Moves process was deemed highly successful and engagement score soared the following year. OASIS Moves was posted in conference rooms and became a common language used across the organization. Many long standing conflicts were addressed and decisions were made more effectively. Bottom line results also soared.

New York-Presbyterian Hospital

The health care system was focusing on increasing patient satisfaction as well as improving employee engagement. OASIS Moves skills were presented to managers as a way of creating respectful interactions. Internal facilitators were certified to offer the program to additional managers and staff throughout the system.During this initiative the hospital moved up in rankings to be among the top five health care organizations in the United States. After OASIS Moves , managers reported being more confident in providing feedback and addressing challenges.

In an evaluation three years after the workshops, 99% of the managers reported still using OASIS Moves and finding it very beneficial and staff engagement scores remained high.

International Organization

In an effort to strengthen leadership skills and to enhance the organization culture, an international organization trained managers and leaders at all levels in OASIS Moves process. Many of the managers were technical experts without prior management training.After the OASIS Moves workshop, managers reported increased confidence and comfort in managing and working with clients. Leaders who had negative ratings from staff have enhanced the work climate and improved their positive ratings.
OASIS Moves has been successfully tested across the world and with different cultures within this organization.Participants consistently report that learning how to be open-minded and comfortable in having conversations with staff, executives, clients and anyone who has a different perspective to be life changing.

Government Organization

As part of their management academy, a government organization offered OASIS Moves as a program to support managers and professionals in offering more effective feedback to staff and others in a diverse organization. The workshop enhanced dialogue among a diverse group of staff from all over the world.Participants reported greater comfort in working with people from different professions, functions, ethnic backgrounds and other differences. Participants learned how to express empathy and understanding and create agreement with others. The workshop received consistently high ratings from participants with a waiting list to attend.

Options for Bringing OASIS Moves to Your Organization

There are three ways to bring OASIS Moves to your organization:

  1. Virtual Program. Participants can attend live webinars to learn the OASIS process. These can be customized.  See more here.
  2. Our Proven 2 Day On-Site Training Program. Our trainers will come to your location and provide a two day workshop based on your current challenges.  This training will include workbooks, videos, and a variety of supportive materials which are appropriate for managers, leaders, and teams.  We provide follow-up sessions and reinforcements to support open-minded conversations in the organization.
  3. Customized On-Site Training. If your organization is facing a significant event (and which organization isn’t?), Potentials staff will customize OASIS Moves training by conducting interviews with key leaders, determining the primary challenges within your team, assessing your business vision and initiatives, and developing a live experience which teaches the OASIS Moves process as a tool to promote dialogue to support your vision and direction and create specific breakthroughs. For example, OASIS can be used to develop management and leadership skills, create an environment of respect with clients and staff, used as a tool to communicate the organization’s vision and support alignment, to enhance sales, to support a merger or partnership, etc.
  4. Internal Certification. Staff from your organization can be trained and certified to present OASIS Moves training in your organization.

Interested in bringing OASIS Moves to your organization or team?

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