The Power of Permission: Rest and Relaxation Matter

I hope you had a good weekend and found some time for rest and relaxation. If you are like me, I sometimes find it hard to take off and give myself permission to really relax.

I have learned that we need to allow our systems to rest. We shouldn’t stay revved up for long periods of time. It hurts our health and immune systems. This seems obvious, but not long ago, working long hours and pushing oneself to the limit was not only a badge of honor but deemed essential for “success.”

However, recent shifts in our understanding of wellbeing and productivity have revealed a different truth: we need rest, play and joy to thrive. Our bodies and minds are not designed to remain in a perpetual state of busyness. Such continuous stress can take a toll on our health and productivity.

By allowing ourselves to step away from work and “be,” we recharge our energy and open the door to innovation and creativity. The act of slowing down and resting is not counterproductive; it’s an essential part of the productivity cycle.

Some of history’s most brilliant minds, from Albert Einstein to Leonardo da Vinci, understood the power of relaxation in sparking new ideas and solving complex problems. They actively embraced moments of rest to enhance their creative capacities.

So, the next time you hesitate to take time off or feel guilty about doing so, remember that relaxation and simply “being” is not a luxury but a necessity. It’s a vital component of a fulfilling and successful life. When prioritizing rest, we set the stage for greater clarity, enhanced wellbeing, and the ability to make a difference and significantly impact our endeavors.

Take a moment today to honor your need for rest and relaxation. You’ll find that by nurturing your JOYBeing–your sense of aliveness-you’re investing in yourself and unlocking your full potential for joy, creativity, and success.

Let me know how you are incorporating rest. Do you find it challenging, like me?

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