Are You Resourced?

Consider this simple yet potent exercise that I often give coaching clients: notice what enlivens you and gives you energy and what depletes you.

In the whirlwind of our daily lives, understanding these dynamics becomes an essential compass, especially in the face of a demanding work environment, the intricacies of home life, and an uncertain world.

We are each unique, and if we pay attention, we notice what fuels our energy. I’ve discovered that beginning my day with a walk, exercise, and reflective moments grounds me, fostering a connection with myself. Energy amplifies when I engage with friends, indulge in artistic pursuits, or embark on a learning journey. Being outdoors, with its expansive embrace, never fails to evoke a sense of joy within me.

Others have shared their rejuvenating rituals, from playing musical instruments to crafting. The key lies in attentive self-discovery–recognizing what supports your wellbeing. Perhaps it’s the rejuvenating power of sufficient sleep, the joy of pet companionship, or the nourishment of a wholesome home-cooked meal.

Equally crucial is identifying what drains you. Whether it’s the habit of complaining, waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes, or an overbooked day, pinpointing energy drains empowers you to reclaim control.

What drains us? A client of mine discovered that her tendency to complain about a colleague was a significant drain. With awareness, we delved into the issue, prompting positive changes in the relationship and fostering a mindset shift toward recognizing what was going well.

We all carry habitual patterns that might have once served us well. Through conscious awareness, we can deliberately choose thought patterns and actions that become sources of strength and support. The path to joy and wellbeing starts with these introspective inquiries.

So, what is on your list of resources to enhance? What is draining you that you are actively working to reduce or eliminate?

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