Are You Experiencing the Benefit of Group Connection?

I have had the opportunity to participate in several groups where we have formed meaningful friendships and grown together. For example, I am in a group with coaches where we share what we are learning and call on each other for resources and even support on challenges we face. Another group is comprised of somatic coaches; we have been exploring the power of somatic coaching together for many years. Another group that began during the pandemic is focused on supporting one another with personal development.

We begin each group with a check-in where we share what is happening in our lives and our learning focus. We often have a topic for dialogue.

We have come to know each other over the years, and I appreciate our growing friendship. We can see the arc of our lives and how each is learning.

There are many ways to learn and develop these days. I encourage you to invest in yourself and support others through such groups. It is so easy to feel isolated these days; we need each other as humans.

The 20th-century French sociologist Émile Durkheim coined the term “collective effervescence,” stating that group activities excite and unify us.

Research has consistently shown that our connections are essential for creating a sense of wellbeing, resilience, and thriving.

As a coach and organization development consultant, I may be more attuned to the power of group development than some.

For the past few years, colleagues and I have been facilitating Open Stance Circles. The purpose is to come together and share how we are being open or closed. It is about connecting with others who see the power of being open. We begin these meetings with a check-in where people share their experiences, and we use a peer coaching process to focus on a specific challenge. People learn and experience the power of connection. I envision having Open Stance Circles available for many to benefit from connecting with colleagues and learning and growing together. Some are being certified to facilitate these gatherings. Ideally, we collectively positively influence our environments.

What is your experience with groups?

You are welcome to experience an Open Stance Circle. Learn more in the link

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