You Matter?

A simple thing we can do to make life better for others and ourselves is to let people know they matter. How do we do this when we are busy and have a long to-do list?

We can turn our attention toward someone and really listen–even a few moments make a difference. Too often, we are distracted, perhaps on a device, and we fail to turn toward someone and give them our full attention. We can do this in person, on the phone, and even by text. Allow yourself to recall that your child, partner, colleague, vendor, shopkeeper, or neighbor matters to you. And they do. We sense the difference when someone listens.

Research shows that even giving a few moments of attention to a person we meet in our daily interactions supports them in feeling they matter, and you benefit, too.

Another way to demonstrate that someone matters is by showing appreciation. In addition to thanking a person for what they do, appreciate who they are and their unique qualities. Actually, name a quality you value in them. For example, “Thank you for getting the report to me; I appreciate your thoroughness and dependability.” When we take a moment to value a quality, we support and reinforce the person’s identity as a thorough and dependable person. We all benefit when people notice our strengths. In addition, people know what is important to you and that you notice.

Research shows that these small acts of recognition and connection are essential for a fulfilling life. Small actions matter, and we don’t have to be perfect. Make it a practice of showing that people matter to you. These small gestures can brighten someone’s day and enrich our lives, whether a simple text message, a heartfelt voice message, or a genuine compliment.

Finally, don’t hesitate to tell people that they matter to you. Many of us have been conditioned to assume people should know you care. Yet, too many people don’t know they matter these days.

I want you to know that you matter to me, my colleagues, and my friends. Thank you for being a part of my life and our connection.

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