Different Strokes for Different Folks

A diet that proved effective for one friend did not align with another, just as someone’s favorite show does not captivate another’s interest.

We are each unique; what resonates for one person may not necessarily do so for another. We are each shaped by diverse backgrounds and experiences. One person loves sports and being outdoors, and another prefers video games or books.

It is up to us to pay attention to what brings us joy.

Make it a practice to reflect on your day and notice what brings an inner and perhaps an outer smile. Our emotions provide valuable insights into what holds significance for us. You may have enjoyed a heartwarming conversation with a friend, a creative doodling session, or the satisfaction of solving a problem. You may value a sense of belonging, experience hope, and connect with your aliveness.

Allow yourself to enjoy these moments and add more of them to your days. I know we often feel like we don’t have time for joy or don’t deserve it and push it away. However, when we allow ourselves even small moments of joy, we connect with our inner aliveness and energy. As we expand our reservoir of joy, I believe we then have more to offer to others. Our very presence, enlivened with joy, can make a significant difference, for we are connected, and our emotions are contagious.

So, what moments of joy have you noticed today?

Embrace, savor, and share the energy of aliveness and hope.

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