Where Do You Draw the Line?

It is so easy to see us vs. them. There seem to be so many issues that divide us.  We often are putting ourselves into one camp vs. another.  Those for vaccines vs. those against, managers vs. staff, extroverts vs. introverts, those working on climate change vs. those who do not embrace it, etc. It is easy to lack trust in one another and to see some as the victims and others as perpetrators.

This demarcation comes from our survival brain and conditioning that caused us to recognize who was in our tribe and to be aware of those who were not. 

When we recognize that we are judging and we notice our lack of trust and fear we can catch ourselves. We can Stop, Step Back and Cool Down and Shift to be Open.  We can recognize our humanity and our natural tendency for bias and judgment.  We can draw a larger circle to include others and see ourselves as interdependent.  We cannot solve the challenges we are collectively facing when we are focused on fighting each other. 

I have worked with many leadership teams where people are focused on fighting one another.  When they draw a new line, where they are aligned and see themselves as a team,  they are better positioned to achieve collective goals.  Such transformation is beautiful to behold. We can see each other as family and engage in collective conversations to solve challenges we cannot on our own.

Notice the lines you are drawing to demarcate yourself from others. Consider drawing a wider circle, embracing others and expanding the possibilities. 


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